Shenyang Guolian has been focusing on high-voltage cable accessories for 30 years and climbing the peak of science and technology

"People's Daily" (17th edition on June 2, 2022) Cable accessories are an important part of power cable lines, and their technical level, performance and reliability have an important impact on improving the efficiency of power grid operation. In the 1980s, the dry-process cross-linked polyethylene power cables produced by Shenyang Cable Factory not only had the advantages of excellent electrical properties and heat resistance, high operating temperature resistance, large transmission capacity, etc., but also made cable laying, installation and maintenance easier. and clean.

Congratulate! Shenyang Guolian won the honorary title of "Top Ten Most Popular Brands of Cable Accessories"!

Shenyang Guolian Cable Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "Top Ten Most Popular Cable Accessories Brands" in China's power and electrical industry in 2022 with its super comprehensive strength and brand influence!

Shenyang Guolian released two innovative products of high-voltage cable accessories

China Electric Power News Network News On June 5, 2022, Shenyang Guolian Cable Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established for the 20th anniversary celebration. The old employees of Shenyang Cable Factory were invited to celebrate together and recall the historical past of the common struggle. The guests at the meeting congratulated Shenyang Guolian on the achievements made today, and jointly described the development prospects of the cable and accessories industry.

Warmly celebrate our company won the top ten brands of cable accessories

The "Top Ten Brands" series of selection activities are hosted by the domestic professional power and energy B2B platform - Electric Tiger Network, which has been held for 6 consecutive years and has a huge influence in the industry. ".

[You are cordially invited to visit the Asia Power Exhibition] Shenyang Guolian Cable Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Our company will participate in the 2021 Asian Electric Power and Smart Grid Exhibition. As our important customer/partner, we sincerely invite you to visit our booth and negotiate.

Real-time broadcast of recruitment information

It is the time to recruit talents again. The League of Nations sincerely invites you. On February 11th and 18th, 2012, our company held a large-scale job fair on the fifth floor of Shenyang Dynasty Wanxin Hotel. Support, and representatives of the employing department also went to participate. Here, I also remind the majority of job seekers: 1. I apply for a job and participate in it myself, and it is best not to do it for others. 2. Correct self-awareness, have a planned and targeted job search. 3. Understand the position you are applying for, analyze your own strengths and weaknesses, and choose a position that suits you. 4. Pay attention to your own image, maintain a good mental state, and send a letter to the recruiter
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