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Maintenance of major customers


Maintenance of major customers 面议
Department: Marketing Department
  • Liaoning Province||Shenyang City||Yuhong District
  • No limit
  • Junior college or above
  • Full time
  • 5
Description of position:

Age: 32 years old and below
Education: College and above
skill requirements:
1. Have good communication and coordination ability;
2. Strong observation, adaptability and analytical ability;
3. Integrity, frankness, maturity, open-mindedness and self-confidence; high work enthusiasm, good teamwork spirit; process follow-up and coordination ability, communication and negotiation ability, learning ability;
4. Able to travel on business;



Company address: Shaling Electric Power Industrial Park, Yuhong District, Shenyang City

We chat:18940299267



Add:Yuhongshaling Electric Power Industrial Park, Shenyang City, Liaoning

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